Ken Parker Archtops in the Press

Ken at the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival

On September 21st, Ken gave the opening talk at the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival in Arvada, CO. He covered the history and evolution of the archtop guitar. It’s a fascinating insight into what’s driving the development of the acoustic archtop guitar today past that point where adding the pickup essentially stopped development more than 50 years ago.

Adam Miller in Fretboard Journal

March 2019 Fretboard Journal features an interview with and performance by guitarist extraordinaire Adam Miller. There’s a great video of him playing his composition “Habit” of Ken’s Lucky. There’s also a Fretboard Journal Podcast where Adam talks about Lucky as well as all things guitar. Just a wonderful performance!

Fretboard Journal

Fretboard Journal # 38, with Leo Kottke on the cover, features the first of a two-part article about Ken.

Be sure to pick it up at your local guitar store, book store, or what the heck, they've got great deals on subscriptions, so you don't even need to leave your house!

While you'll have to buy the magazine to read the articles, you CAN listen to a podcast Fretboard Journal has featuring an interview with Ken. The audio is a little rough, but the content makes it worth the effort. Just click on the image above.

Premier Guitars' Feature On Ken

Check out the August 2011 for a GREAT arcticle on Ken, his history, his guitars and his vision.

Just click on the preview to read.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker magazine featured an extensive review of Ken's career as well as a most interesting overview of his current work and philosophy in its May 14th issue. It's a fascinating read and is sure to surprise even the most ardent Kenophiles.

Click the illustrated image to download the article.

The Dutch Luthier Blog

On the heels of Ken's visits to Europe this year (2016), comes this wonderful story of the a meeting at one of the events and its meaning to the author of this article.

It's a GREAT read (click the image to read)

ToneQuest Report

The December 2009 ToneQuest Report has a GREAT article on Ken. They've graciously allowed us to share it with you. If you are seriously into your guitar and its tone, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to the ToneQuest Report. Click here to subscribe.

And click here to read the ToneQuest Report article on Ken!

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Ken's article/interview is available in the January 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Read the article here.

Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

Dave Stephens visited Ken last year and published a great article in Just Jazz Guitar magazine. It was in the November 2007 issue and can be downloaded here.

Adam Miller on Lucky for Peghead Nation

From Peghead Nation:
”It’s hardly a stretch to call Ken Parker one of the most innovative luthiers of our time. Ken built his first archtop in 1976, and by the time he co-founded Parker Guitars in 1991, he’d established himself as one of the premier makers on the East Coast, specializing in a line of solid-body electrics that re-evaluated just about every aspect of guitar construction. After the sale of Parker Guitars in 2003, Ken refocused his attention on archtops, coming up with an original design that has been the foundation of his instruments ever since. His guitars have been used to play a wide variety of music (one of Ken’s goals is to expand the archtop’s role outside of jazz), and one of Ken’s instruments is among the very few contemporary guitars in the permanent collection of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ken only builds a small handful of guitars each year, so when Australian fingerstyle ace Adam Miller stopped by the Peghead Nation studio with one of these rare archtops last spring, we took the opportunity to have him demo the guitar.”

Read the rest on Peghead Nation by clicking here.

Video Interviews with Ken

Acoustic Guitar Video Review