Mitch Kopp is an accomplished musician for over 40 years he has performed his unique guitar skills on Bass Guitar and the very rare Ken Parker Archtop Guitar. He performs a variety of genres including Ambient, Rock, Indian, New Age, Fusion and World Music. Innovative and original, this incredible musician’s style range from quietly atmospheric to dynamic, rhythmic and multi-layered.  His solo guitar playing has been described as “creating a rich yet gentle ambiance when background music is required, without being intrusive… colorful washes of sound paint the atmosphere with ever changing, sensitive, and thoughtful tone.  He enchants an audience with his unique instruments and techniques.


Mitch Kopp playing a Ken Parker Archtop Guitar. Filmed on May 29, 2011 at Artificial Memory Recording Studio in Miami, Florida. A direct signal was taken from the guitar through a Countryman DI box for the Left channel and a BLUE Dragonfly microphone was used for the right channel.

Uploaded by doug tessler on 2015-11-15.