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Kingsley Durant

“an amateur good enough to be a professional” – Harvey Reid, troubadour extraordinaire

Kingsley Durant is known for the wide-ranging scope of his guitar playing, from solo acoustic, as on his 2003 CD, Away From the Water (Alchemy Records), to modern jazz with the Kingsley Durant Trio, to straight-up vintage pop, R&B, and rock, with bands such as Identity Crisis, The No. 2 Pencils, and Say Uncle. He is currently working on recording a new CD to showcase his recent compositions (some of which are sampled here) and developing a website, Kyngsland, devoted to all things guitar. Kingsley’s guitar demos can be found on YouTube under the user name kingsleydgtr, and his music can be accessed through his website,, as well as through iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

on Verdi

Snow Day
(recorded with a Neumann KM184 mic)

Song For Larry
(recorded acoustically with Neumann U87 mic and with the pickup through a POD HD Pro with a "Fender blackface" amp mode, mixed)

B & C
(pickup-only, through a POD HD Pro with a "Fender blackface" amp mode)

B & C
(recorded with a Neumann U87 mic)


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